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ZUrabia Peter Dash


Peter Dash

Published October 31st 2011
Kindle Edition
387 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

ZUrabia—a word that makes the CIA and MI5 shudder, conjuring images of bloodlust in extremists.It is the secret code name for a deadly coalition of rogue Wall Street and Swiss bankers, as well as Arab sovereign fund managers. Together with the Islamic terrorist group called Al Quomini and European neo-Nazis, they seek to enslave the free world.One soldier in the fight for freedom is an unlikely one—at least on the surface. Professor Adrian Sands, a Harvard University associate, has a shadowy past that few know. The scholar is also a trained mercenary and assassin secretly in the employ of the independent, spy agency called Z5. In an attempt to unravel the plans of ZUrabia, he partners with an ancient female Masonic order led by Isolde, an Austrian countess, and other allies from the Middle East. Shared peril soon draws Adrian and Isolde together in ways neither deems safe or prudent.Nothing less than the fate of Western civilization is in the hands of Sands and his Masonic companions, and the clock is ticking down to the physical and financial doomsday of ZUrabia’s making. The Masonic order is charged with stopping the corrupt bankers and terrorists from destroying Western democracies and much of the global economy along with it.Can Sands and the order unravel the conspiracy in time?