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Trader Vyx (A Galaxy Unknown #4) Thomas DePrima

Trader Vyx (A Galaxy Unknown #4)

Thomas DePrima

Kindle Edition
366 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Vyx manages to kill the mercenary and escape, but is hotly pursued by bodyguards who believe him to be responsible for the shooting incident that severely wounded their boss. The chase continues through the small town as Vyx uses all of his skills to evade the guards bent on ending his life. Each time he thinks hes lost his pursuers, they turn up again, as if hes wearing some sort of tracking device.While Vyx is fighting for his life on Gollasko, Commander Jenetta Carver is facing her own problems in another part of the galaxy. The Galactic Alliance has decided to expand its borders by a hundred parsecs, and Commander Jenetta Carver is venturing into the new territory aboard a prototype scout ship. An onboard accident sends the small ship flying wildly out of control and they find themselves alone, hundreds of light years beyond the old border, in a disabled ship, with life support systems beginning to fail. When a passing Raider warship happens across the apparently derelict ship, Jenetta must face the question of resistance or surrender.