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Hunted Female Officer Robert Summer

Hunted Female Officer

Robert Summer

Published September 13th 2013
Kindle Edition
143 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

R. Summer produced a Femsub novel drawn from life observations. It’s a realistic, emotional story portraying a young woman’s reluctant awakening as she falls into two sadomasochistic situations.High-living, suburban police officer Toni Turcato is awash in debt. Desperate, she accepts an “easy money” job from a drug gang enforcer to go rogue and strong-arm his debtors.Soon, the hard-ass detective with a nasty reputation realizes that his “perp” is an athletic man-hating adventuress - but she’s also a police officer half his age. Can he carefully punish this Amazon woman of his dreams and get away with it? One look and he’s obsessed, so the hunt is on.Meanwhile, the sarcastic Toni insults another militant lesbian, a dominant bull dyke. The powerful, stocky woman plots to lure naive Toni to a wild lesbian bondage party in a rented, gay clubhouse. Should Toni go? Will that bitch get off her back? Will she be turned on by what happens or will she try to escape?